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Student name, Degree, Current Position (by advisor)

Ed Brook
Logan Mitchell, B.S., Ph.D student at OSU

Aaron Goldner, B.S., Ph.D student at Purdue

Lauren Foiles, B.S., mining geologist 

Lacey Little,  B.S., petroleum geologist 

Jinho Ahn, Post Doc, Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences Seoul National University 

Hinrich Schaefer, Post Doc,at NIWA, New Zealand 

Alexi Grachev, Post Doc Siberian Federal University, Russia 

Peter Clark
Faron Anslow, Ph.D. (co-advised by Steve Hosteler), post-doc at University of British Columbia,
Canada; now Climatologist, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium,
Victoria, B.C.

Cody Beedlow, M.S. (co-advised by Steve Hosteler), now Ph.D.
Student, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Ken Bevis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Hanover College, Indiana

Chris Breemer, M.S., Principal Geologist, Ash Creek Associates, Inc. Portland, OR

Anders Carlson, Ph.D., post-doc at Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institution; now Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin,

Lica Ersek (co-advised by Alan Mix), Ph.D., Marie Curie
Postdoc, Oxford University, U.K.

John Jenson, Ph.D., Professor, Water and Environmental
Research Institute, University of Guam

Joe Licciardi, Ph.D., post-doc at Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institution; now Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

Vincent Rinterknecht, Ph.D., post-doc at Lamont-Doherty Earth
Observatory; now Lecturer at University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Martin Roy, Ph.D., post-doc at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; now
Associate Professor at University of Quebec at Montreal,

Jeremy Shakun, Ph.D., NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoc,Harvard/Columbia

Dave Vacco, M.S., Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University; now Instructor Pennsylvania State University

Steve Hostetler
Jay Alder, Ph.D,  Climate Modeling Research Associate OSU, CEOAS  

Alan Mix
Joseph Ortiz, Ph.D, Professor at Kent State Univ., Dept. Geosciences

David Lund, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

James Watkins, Ph.D, last known address Research Assistant at Cornell

Sara Harris,Ph.D, Currently Instructor at Univ. British Columbia

Melissa Feldberg, M.S, Development Manager, Syracuse University

Ann Morey-Ross, M.S, Fac. Research Asst. at Oregon State University

Brian Haley, Ph.D, Asst. Prof. Sen. Research at OSU

Heather Benway, Ph.D, Research Associate at WHOI

Cristina Lopes, Ph.D, Research Scientists at LNEG, Lisbon, Portugal

Matthew Wolhowe, M.S., PhD candidate at OSU

Jon Hornung, Ph.D, College of Education, OSU

Jesse Muratli, M.S., OSU Faculty Research Asst

Maureen Davies, Ph.D,Postdoc at ANU Canberra

Andreas Schmittner
Christopher Somes, Ph.D, at IFM-GEOMAR