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Current Students



April Abbott OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Haley, McManus)
B.S. in Geosciences (2009), Hobart & William Smith Colleges
M.S. in Geological Sciences (2011), University of Minnesota--Duluth
Research Interests: Geochemical cycling and geochemical paleoproxies



Andrea Balbas OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Clark)
B.S. in Geology (2010), Queens College CUNY 
Research Interests: Multidisciplinary problem solving, cosmogenic nuclides and calibrations, cosmogenic nuclides and the magnetosphere, all things end-permian, science and education 


Juan Muglia OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Schmittner)
Licenciature in Physics (2011), National University of La Plata, Argentina  
Research Interests: Paleoceanography, Last Glacial Maximum, ocean circulation, climate change, physics




Nicholas (Nilo) Bill OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Clark)
BS/BA/BA in Geology, Anthropology, International Studies (2012), UMiami, Miami, FL
Research Interests: Glacial geology, stratigraphy, cosmogenic exposure dating, reconstruction of past ice sheets, Ross Ice Shelf/WAIS

David Leydet OSU, CEOAS M.S. Student (Carlson)
B.A. (Magna Cum Laude) in Criminal Justice (2008), Norwich University
Research Interests: 10Be Surface exposure dating, Glacial Geology, Abrupt Climate Change, Laurentide Ice Sheet


Brendan Reilly OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Stoner)   
Research Interests:Paleo- and environmental magnetism, glaciomarine systems, Holocene climate variability 



Jon Edwards OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Brook)
B.A. in Atmospheric Science (2010), University of California-Berkeley
Research Interests: Air content and methane records in ice cores, effects of atmospheric transport and weather on ice core records


Jeremy Hoffman OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Clark)
B.A. in Geology with Distinction (2011), Augustana College
Research Interests: Geochemical paleoproxies, Heinrich events, applied geostatistics, interglacial climate


James (Andy) Menking OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Brook)  
B.S./B.A./B.A. in Geology, Spanish, Latin American Studies (2011), Tulane University

M.S. in Geological Sciences (2013), Central Washington University 

Research Interests: gases in ice cores, paleoclimate, abrupt climate change, grating ice, black carbon 



James Lee OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Brook)  
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (2007), OSU
Research Interests:Paleoclimate reconstruction using methane signals preserved in ice cores


Gaylen Sinclair OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Carlson)  
B.A. (Hons.) in Geography (2013), Cambridge University
Research Interests: 10Be Surface exposure dating, Holocene behavior of the Greenland Ice Sheet, ocean-atmosphere-ice sheet interactions





Aaron Barth OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Clark)
B.S. in Geology (2012), George Mason University
Research Interests: Glacial geology/geomorphology, stratigraphy, regional geology, cosmogenic surface exposure dating



Anna Glüder OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Carlson, Mix)
B.Sc. in Geological Oceanography (2013), Bangor University

M.Sc. in Physical Oceanography (2015), Bangor University
Research Interests: Ice-ocean interactions & paleoceanography


  Jianghui Du OSU, CEOAS OEB Ph.D. Student (Mix and Haley)
B.S. in Geology (2009), Peking University
M.S. in Geology (2011), Peking University
Research Interests: Trace elements biogeochemistry and paleoceanography.


  Heather Bervid OSU, CEOAS Ph.D. Student (Carlson)
B.S./B.A. in Earth and Space Science (honors, cum laude), English (honors, cum laude) (2015), Univ. of Washington
Research interests: glacial geology and geomorphology, paleoclimatology, Quaternary geology, surface processes, scientific communication and outreach